Friday, May 11, 2007

How to pick the best Hybrid Car

Did you know that there are already a dozen different models of Hybrid Electric Cars in production in the U.S.?

Most people find the added information about technology and fuel economy overwhelming when they first decide to shop for a hybrid vehicle. This article will help you sort through all the techno-babble and empower you to feel confident while choosing the right hybrid car for your particular needs.

The allure of a hybrid vehicle is compelling, to say the least. While some see them as simply the latest tech gadget to brag to their friends about, more and more people are starting to come around to the fact that hybrid electric-gas cars are the future of all automobiles.

The first thing to keep in mind when starting your research is to not allow yourself to feel bogged down by all the information. There are really only a few hybrid cars out there that are right for you, and we'll easily cut through the majority of them in no time.

Do you prefer Compacts? Mid-sized coupes? SUV's? Trucks? Luxury sedans? The initial offering of hybrid vehicles for 2007 includes at least one car line in each of those categories, so surely you shouldn't have to compromise your preference.
The current category breakdown of hybrid electric-gas production models in the United States are as follows:(in no particular order)

SUVs: (27-36 MPG)
  • Lexus RX 400h
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Ford Escape
  • Mercury Mariner
  • Saturn VUE Green line
Luxury Sedan: (28 MPG)
  • Lexus GS 450h
Mid-size (family) Coupes: (25-60 MPG)
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Accord
  • Toyota Prius (Pronounced Pree-yus)
Pickup Truck: (21 MPG)
  • Chevy Silverado
Compacts & Minis: (51-60 MPG)
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Insight
Also, let's add one non-hybrid honorable mention to this list, the ZAP Smartcar, which is not really a hybrid, but we should included it here because of its' unmatched fuel-sipping EPA rating of 69 miles per gallon on the highway. We'll delve into the smartcar more later, but rest assured that these are some exceptional little cars that you'll be seeing more of on the road in 2007.

by Rick Tamlin

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10 Tips To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Trying to get the cheapest car insurance can be a headache, but on the other hand it is usually worthwhile doing as you can save yourself quite a bit of money, especially when you take it account that this is something you have to pay for every year, the savings can add up.

Here are some things you can look at to get your car insurance costs down:

1. Keep your car in a garage or on a drive way and tell your insurance company this.

2. Fit an immobiliser or car alarm, preferably both.

3. If you have an older car, consider changing your insurance from comprehensive cover to third party, fire and theft cover.

4. Be as accurate as possible when giving your annual mileage to the insurance company.

5. If you do low mileage in your car, then consider agreeing to limited mileage insurance so you are covered for a certain number of miles.

6. Choose as high an excess as you can afford to pay in the event of a claim.

7. Get a cheaper quote from another car insurance company and tell your existing insurance company and see if they will give you an even better deal.

8. Pay your premium as an upfront lump sum so that you avoid paying interest on top of your premiums. Car insurance companies usually charge a lot of interest so even if you do not have the cash up front, you may still be better off borrowing the money more cheaply elsewhere. You could for example pay for your insurance with your credit card and then do a balance transfer to another one of your credit cards charging lower interest than your car insurance company.

9. Add a second person who has a good record to the insurance cover as sometimes this can lower your premium.

10. Buy your car insurance online as you may find you can get a discount for buying online.

By: Miguel Poza -

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